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Our digital and entrepreneur world does not have the word “problem” in our dictionary

As one of the top most companies for providing intelligence business solutions, we have been the ace at the software and business development. Websites and software together form the heart and soul of its company.

In any software company website is the vision and software is the backbone.

Many companies have derived more than satisfactory results of business analytic solutions by glansa. Some of them successful projects are -

  • TATA AERO SPACE- who have been our partner for more than 3 years
  • A Netherlands based company CRM – a 40% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • VitalSigns – in taking quick decision by looking at dashboards, helped customer to reduce the risk of loss of data


  • Initiative in a new start up business
  • Provide you Business Intelligence and Analytics Services
  • When you want to fill gaps in your business setups
  • When you feel that customers are not satisfied with your company policy
  • When you require man power for your company
  • When your employees require more training

We will give you an initial take to your business and you will be ruling over it :

We work on all kinds of websites; let it be static or economic ones. We work with content development and marketing with the blogs, various web and mobile applications, and these are just few of our various contributions to the huge enterprise of software development and marketing

We will take up all your requirements you just have to take up your success

We will give you an initial take to your business and you will be ruling over it.

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