Cyber Security


Cyber Security

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Security Strategy & Governance

Cyber security framework, strategy and program transformation.
Security policy and standards framework definition.
Cyber security skill development and enhancement programs.
Stakeholder sensitization and awareness.
Small business cyber security strategy.
Certification advisory services – ISO 27000 Series, PCIDSS, SOX, GDPR.

Security Architecture

Cyber threat assessment.
Enterprise cybersecurity architecture design and definition.
Supply chain security architecture and implementation.
Cloud and mobility security architecture.
SCADA security.
Internet of Things Security (IoT).

Active Defence Services

The Active Discovery to discover advanced threats through a combination of baiting, analytics and reverse engineering.
Network and host compromise assessment.
Honeypots, custom baits and sinkholes.
Malware analysis.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
Application security and source code assessment.
Mobile and cloud application security assessment.
Payment devices security assessment.
Financial Security compliance audits.
Insider threat management.
Context-sensitive vulnerability advisories.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

IT risk management.
Information lifecycle management services.
Business continuity management services.
Third-party vendor security governance.
Vendor Due diligence.

Incident Management

Incident response and crisis management.
Breach remediation.
Forensic investigations.
Third-party reporting, notification and disclosure.
Remediation planning and implementation.

Cyber Security Training

Internal Cyber Security for Employee.
Corporate Trainings.
Certification Training.
Vendor Trainings.
BCM trainings and BCM audits/reviews.

DATA Security Intelligence

Threat intelligence and cyber exposure.
Data Privacy Management System (DPMS).
IT Security Audit and Data services.
Regulatory, Supervisory and compliance.
Performance and GAP Analysis.

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